What We Do


Tabitha House will ensure that all potential interns are interviewed so as to ascertain their strengths, weaknesses, development potential, skills and working experience. Following each interview, candidates will be categorized into 3 groups: 

1. Learnstarter (minor skill development & education)

2. Skillstarter (major skill development)

3. Kickstarter (ready to work)

Each potential intern will then join one or multiple courses that will be most beneficial. Once an intern is identified to join Kickstarter, an interview with an entrepreneur or a business partner will be set up. From there the entrepreneur/business will decide if they will hire any of the proposed candidate.


We search for local businesses and pair them up with interns to create jobs. Through our partnerships, we build a network of businesses and individuals partnering for empowerment and growth of the community.


Through minor and major skill development we are equipping unemployed members of the community with skills to start their own small business and to become self-sustainable. We teach a great variety of skills like Hairdressing, Make Up, Nails, Finance & Marketing and many more.


Education is the key to access opportunities and to develop new skills. Therefore we provide Adult Education classes for those that have gaps in their learning. Our classes are accredited through the IEB. Our goal is to help each of our learners to receive their Foundational Learning Competency (FLC).

Support us in Changing Lives!

We seek to empower our community by partnering with small, local businesses to strengthen their profitability through the development of internship positions for the unemployed.