Empowering the EDENVALE community

Supporting local businesses along the way

Our vision

We believe that in order to invoke meaningful, transformative change in a capitalist society there must be an awareness that economic problems require economic solutions.

Thus, true empowerment must – at its core – be focused on employment and small business. We seek to empower our community by partnering with small, local businesses to strengthen their profitability through the development of internship posts, where our role will be to identify and equip potential interns as well as providing funding to the businesses for the interns.

Women - Tabitha house community

Impact Stories

Beatrix - Casting Agent
As a casting agent, Beatrix Jubane is always on the lookout for the right talent to meet her clients’ advertising needs.  But she needed help to make her small business more successful. Tabitha House provided an intern to scout for new actors and models, and work space for a photography studio.
Thato - Fashion Designer

Thato Chavanguane loves being a fashion designer, but finds it difficult to balance the business side and the creative side of her small company. Tabitha House funded an intern to run her social media platforms, and offers guidance with taxes and bookkeeping, giving Thato more freedom to meet with clients and create her wearable art.

What We Do

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— Nails Skill Course

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— Hair Styling Course

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— Financial Management Course

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— Sewing Course

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— Jewellery Course
(coming soon)

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— Computer Skills (coming soon)